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Home Run Pack

Home Run Pack

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Fills Four Honey Supers - 80 cassettes / 320 packages

This pack includes 80 SimplKomb cassettes to install into 40 medium frames that you will then add to your honey supers. 

  • 2 cassettes are needed for each frame.
  • Each cassette has 4 packages (as pictured)
  • Cassettes are unwaxed, you will need to wax before installation.
  • Once your bees fill them up you will have 320 individual packages of honeycomb! Each roughly 6.5 ounces.
  • Sell each serving for $10-$15 depending on your market.

This package can yield $3,200 in saleable product while reducing your labor to a minimum.

Please measure your frames before ordering. SimplKomb is designed to fit the inside window of standard medium grooved frames with a 17" x 5-1/4" space on the inside of the top, bottom and side bars.

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