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  • Innovative Comb Honey Solution

    SimplKomb is an in-hive production method that takes the work and mess away - leaving you with the highest quality product, ready for sale!

  • Designed with Bees & Beekeepers in Mind

    SimplKomb reduces time & labor while eliminating the sticky fingers associated with typical comb honey production methods. It's Simpl for your bees, too.

  • Produce Untouched, Natural Comb Honey

    SimplKomb is the absolute easiest way to enjoy raw, natural honeycomb untouched by human hands. Your bees build right in the consumer package!

Patent Pending | Made in USA | Farm Family Owned

It's really that Simpl...

  • Katie from Pennsylvania

    "Excellent price for what you get in return...amazing for very little work!"

  • EJ from Texas

    "Still blown away by their customer service!"

  • JP from Washington

    "SimplKomb saved me money, time , labor and a sticky harvest...also put more options for sale on my stand."

  • Ronald from New York

    "Sold quickly. I will be trying them again next year!"

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