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Why should I choose SimplKomb?

SimplKomb is a solution to comb honey production without all the other parts and pieces... or the steep prices. It simplifies the process by allowing your bees to build comb right in the consumer package - you don't have to cut, drain, or transfer fragile comb honey. No more cleaning up the mess!

SimplKomb snaps right into standard Medium Langstroth frames with ease. One medium frame holds two SimpKomb cassettes, one on each side - yielding eight servings of delicious comb honey per frame. 

Once your comb is ready to harvest, simply remove the cassettes from your frames, unfold the cover, and snap into place! SimplKomb contains your beautiful comb honey product in a handy, re-sealable package - ready for your personalized label. 

See how our founder, Mick Fry, explains SimplKomb here: Meet SimplKomb

Will SimplKomb fit in my frames?

It's designed to be Simpl! 

SimplKomb was designed to fit the inside window of standard medium Langstroth slotted frames that have a 17" x 5-1/4" window on the inside of the top, bottom and side bars. 

Standard medium frames aren't so standard...

Learn more about frame compatibility from our blog post here: Measure Your Frames

Why does SimplKomb come unwaxed?

Waxing your SimplKomb cassettes is the only work you'll have to do!

We encourage our customers to wax their own SimplKomb in order to increase acceptance rates from their colony. Researching our competitors approach, we believe using native wax to start the foundation plays a strong role in the complete fill and capping of comb honey. Your bees know and like their own stuff - let's make it Simpl for them, too!

To see how we wax SimplKomb with ease, check out our latest Instagram post: The Two-Block Approach to Waxing SimplKomb 

How much comb honey does each SimplKomb package hold?

The shape of the package may be thinner than you are used to seeing. SimplKomb packages present comb honey in a half comb. 

The packages are roughly 4" x 3.5" and 5/8" deep. Each package is approximately 6.5 ounces once filled.

We like to think of comb honey like butter. Butter comes in all different shapes, sizes, and packages...but you're still gonna enjoy it on toast!

SimplKomb comb honey scoops out of our package and spreads extra easily because it does not have a thick foundation of wax at the center. The shape is different, but the comb honey is the same... we think it's even better when you know it's untouched by human hands.

Let's change the way comb honey is produced and consumed!

How much can I sell my filled SimplKomb servings for?

A filled serving of SimplKomb weighs about 6.5oz and can be sold for anywhere between $8 to $15 depending on your local market.

SimplKomb intends to increase the accessibility of comb honey by helping you offer smaller, less costly servings to your consumers. The idea is that folks who may not otherwise spend $25 on a larger chunk of cut comb honey now have access to a more affordable option.

We hope SimplKomb allows everyone to enjoy tasty comb honey, experience its health benefits, and allow beekeepers to generate a profit with reduced labor!

How do I get SimplKomb in my Beekeeping Supply Store?

We've got you! 

Our online product offering is largely geared towards hobby apiarists, but we are excited to also support larger comb honey producers or retail locations with wholesale options.

For our Beekeeping Supply Stores & Catalogs, we offer volume and wholesale pricing. Please email info@simplkomb.com to inquire about retail options and partnerships. We can't wait to hear from you!

Currently, you can find SimplKomb in the following retail locations:

Do you have a favorite local supply store? Tell them about us!

Where do you ship to?

Currently, we only ship across the United States for orders placed directly on our website.

  • Click here to see if SimplKomb is available at a retailer near you!

If you are a Canadian customer, please place an online order from our Canadian partner, Dancing Bee Equipment, or find their retail location closest to you!

If you are outside the US or Canada, tell your local beekeeping supplier about us! We'd love to make comb honey Simpl across the world.

What are SimplKomb cassettes made of?

SimplKomb is made from medical grade, post-industrial recycled PET-G material. This material is sourced and manufactured in Wisconsin.

SimplKomb uses a fraction of the plastic compared to the crystalline packages traditionally used in comb honey sales. But, plastic isn't our favorite either. We dream of manufacturing SimplKomb with a biodegradable, food-safe material someday.

Once the comb honey is consumed, the package can be post-consumer recyled, as well!

Where can I find more photos & videos?

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