The SimplKomb Story

Comb Honey can be Simpl.

Our competitors are cumbersome, complex, and not to mention...costly.

SimplKomb offers a competitive advantage in the reduction of labor hours and expenses incurred from other in-hive comb honey solutions. SimplKomb is the obvious choice for ease, time investment, and cost.

Join us as we change comb honey!

Keep it clean.

No sticky mess

Traditional cut comb honey packaging methods guarantee a sticky mess and a loss of honey. SimplKomb keeps that liquid gold intact and your production mess-free. Take your comb honey straight from your hives to your shelves… or enjoy it yourself! We even beat those crystalline packages by a cost savings of $0.50 per package on average.

Keep it Affordable.

No steep costs

Investing in a comb honey production system before SimplKomb would cost you at least $130 as a new buyer - and that only fills one super! You can fill one super with SimplKomb by purchasing one Single Pack for only $80.00, saving you between $0.50 to $1.50 per serving and giving you the potential to 10x your investment. You can avoid the upfront investment and all the extra parts to configure your hive. SimplKomb fits into the most common medium frames you already own with ease. Letting your bees get to work!

Keep it Simpl.

No complex installation

The other comb honey production kits like Ross Rounds and Hogg Half comb produce 32 to 40 saleable packages for retail. With SimplKomb, you get 80 saleable packages. Just fold, wax, and snap SimplKomb cassettes into your frames. Kick back while your bees build that delicious comb honey right in the package. When you’re ready to harvest, simply remove SimpKomb from your frames, flip the lids closed, and snap each serving apart. Once you affix your branded sticker to the top and decide on a price, SimplKomb is ready for sale!

Less hassle. More sales. Simpl.

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