Measure Your Frames

Measure Your Frames

Please measure your medium frames before ordering. 

Some manufacturers make frames slightly smaller than the standard Langstroth medium frames when it comes to the inside window dimensions. SimplKomb was designed to fit the inside window of standard Langstroth medium slotted/grooved frames that have a 17" x 5.25" space on the inside of the top, bottom, and side bars.

After a bit of research we have learned some manufacturers wood dimensions vary, causing the inside window dimensions to vary. Typically, this issue pertains to the bottom bar width though there is some variation on other frame components, too.

Frames with a 3/8ths of an inch bottom bar measurement accommodate SimplKomb with ease. Frames with a bottom bar measurement of 1/2 inch are often too snug. The best thing to do to ensure your frames will fit is to measure for the 17" x 5.25" space on the inside window.  Frames that have a 17" x 5.125" window will accommodate SimplKomb, but it will be rather snug. 

Watch Mick provide an in depth explanation and demonstration of frame variation to learn what accommodates SimplKomb. Mick will also share some tips for adjusting your frames.

Linked below are frames that have been specifically tested by us at SimplKomb to ensure fit.

Frames that accommodate with SimplKomb: 

  • Blue Sky Bee - "Medium WOOD Frames (unassembled) [MFR-10 / MFR-100]"
  • Mann Lake - "FR811 - 6 1/4" Medium Unassembled Frames Groove Top and Groove Bottom without Holes in Endbars, 10 Pack"
  • Better Bee - "Med. Budget Frames 100PK Unass"
  • BetterBee - "Assembled Medium Frame"
  • PerfectBee - "Wooden Frames (Unassembled)"
  • Pierco - "6 1/4" Unassembled Medium Wood Frame Groove Top & Bottom - 10 Pack"

Frames that DO NOT accommodate with SimplKomb:

  • Foxhound Bee Company - "Medium 6 1/4-Inch Langstroth Frame, Grooved Top / Grooved Bottom"
  • Premier - "6-1/4" MEDIUM FRAME | UNASSEMBLED (10-PACK)"
  • HillCo. - "Unassembled Frames"
  • Beeline - "Medium Frames"

Note: you can make frames with a 17" x 5 1/8th" inner dimension work, but it will be snug and take a bit of finesse to ensure there is no gapping.

Please understand that we cannot manufacture this product to fit all possible variations this 2024 season. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out via email to

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