Meet Our Team

Together, this dad & daughter duo are changing honey.

Mick Fry

Creator & Founder

Mick is the beekeeping brains behind SimplKomb. A life-long love for the farm lifestyle combined with over 33 years of manufacturing engineering and operations experience drives his innovative thinking. After beginning his own apiary journey, Mick dove into the health and wellness side of honey products to find just how powerful (and messy!) honeycomb can be. Mick's design for SimplKomb has been iterated several times to overcome manufacturing difficulties and reduce it to the simplest form possible, ensuring ease for beekeepers and safety for bees.

Madison Fry

Sales & Marketing

Madison brings fresh perspective, boundless energy, and youthful creativity to our sales and marketing campaigns. Completing her studies at the prestigious Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota in 2021, Madison is eager to help build a brand from the ground up. Madison brings experience in several industries ranging from medical devices and health care to retail and non-profit. A meticulous organizer, Madison is an extremely goal-oriented, focused, and driven achiever.