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Ultimate Success Kit

Ultimate Success Kit

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Guarantee a successful season by purchasing the Ultimate Success Kit!

The Ultimate Success Kit includes SimplKomb and all of our tips & tricks to keep your comb honey harvest smooth. The Ultimate Success Kit includes...

  • Single Pack of SimplKomb to fill out one honey super (20 cassettes)
  • 10-Pack of Unassembled Medium Langstroth Frames for a guaranteed fit
  • Medium Follower Board to ensure your frames are nice & snug
  • Cube Mold to prepare your beeswax (color may vary)

This pack includes 20 SimplKomb cassettes to install into 10 medium frames that you will then add to your honey supers. The Single Pack fills one honey super...

  • 2 cassettes are needed for each frame.
  • Each cassette has 4 packages as pictured to left.
  • Cassettes are unwaxed, you will need to wax before installation.
  • Once your bees fill them up you will have 80 individual packages of honeycomb! Each roughly 6.5 ounces.
  • Sell each serving for $10-$15 depending on your market.

This package can yield $800 in saleable product from just one honey super while reducing your labor to a minimum.

Please measure your frames before ordering. SimplKomb is designed to fit the inside window of standard medium slotted frames with a 17" x 5-1/4" space on the inside of the top, bottom and side bars.

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