Instructions for Use

Instructions for Use

Prepping SimplKomb Cassettes:

  • Ensure your frames have slots in the top and bottom bars. The inside window of your frame needs to be the standard size of 17 in x 5 1/4 in.
  • Unbox and separate flat cassettes from each other carefully.
  • Flex one cassette back and forth along the hinge 4-5 times to soften the hinges.
  • Place SimplKomb on flat surface with cups facing down.
  • Fold lids backward stretching slightly and snap firmly in place on the back of the cups.
  • The yellow sticker on the center hinge of one of your cassettes indicates the top when folded.
  • Holding a medium slotted frame at about 45 degrees, hold the cassette with the hinge at the top. Guide the tabs of the cassette into the bottom groove of your medium frame. The molded bar goes on the outside of your lower frame bar
  • Push top of cassette into frame until the tabs snap close to or into groove on the top frame bar.
  • Repeat with another cassette on the other side of the frame ensuring there are no large gaps where the bees can get between the frame and the cassettes.
  • Wax each of the cups - neatness counts! Using a small block of wax heated in a pan, scrub wax onto the hexagonal pattern in the cup. Completely cover all the way to the edges. The better job you do here the nicer your comb honey will appear when it is capped. Scan the QR Code on the back of this page for video instructions on how to effectively wax foundations. We have found using wax native to your bees helps them to start building comb more quickly.

Installing SimplKomb Frames into Honey Super Boxes:

  • If you are using the Single Pack you can pack all 10 SimplKomb frames in one box, that is the recommended approach. Bookend outside of the cassettes with follower boards directly against the cassette as needed to ensure they are packed tightly.
  • Tip: Adding a flush thumb tack to the top center of your frame, and bottom two edges will offer some added security to your SimplKomb cassettes as they fill with comb.
  • Important! Make sure SimplKomb frames are packed tightly together. This will help reduce the amount of burr comb your bees make and ensure the cassettes are filled and capped at the right height so that the lids snap closed.

Removing & Preparing SimplKomb for Sale:

  • Check on your supers often as they will faster than normal honey frames. Once the cassettes are full and capped you can separate with a hive tool and remove them from the hive. Careful! They are heavy!
  • Remove the cassettes using the top, center tab to pry from the frame, unsnap the lids and fold them all the way around to the front, then snap the packages closed.
  • Most people freeze comb honey to kill wax moth larvae. While still frozen, the packages will easily separate along the perforations between each tray. You may also cut with scissors as needed.
  • While frozen, remove any excess burr comb or propolis from the edges of the packages.

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