SimplKomb Instructions for Use

SimplKomb Instructions for Use

Let's Make Comb Honey Simpl!

Prepping & Installing SimplKomb Cassettes:

  • Ensure your medium Langstroth frames have grooves on the top and bottom bars.
  • Ensure the inside window of your frame measures to the standard dimensions of 17" x 5.25" - some manufactures dimensions differ.
  • Unbox and separate cassettes from each other carefully.
  • Flex one cassette back and forth along the hinge a few times to soften hinges.
  • Place SimplKomb on a flat surface with the cups facing down.
  • Fold lids backward, stretching the over the corners of the cups to allow lids to snap firmly in place on the back of the cups.
  • There should be an indication sticker on the center, outer tab of the hinge on one of your cassettes - this denotes the top when folded.
  • The bottom of the cassette is flat and marked with A1, A2, etc. this will straddle your bottom bar and remain on the outside of the frame.
  • Holding a medium slotted frame in one hand, hold the cassette with the hinge at the top and angle it at 45 degrees
  • Guide the tabs on the lids of the cassette into the bottom groove of your medium frame - the straight edge on the bottom of the cup goes on the outside of your lower frame bar.
  • Push the top of the cassette into your frame until the short, inner-tabs snap into or near the top groove.
  • Repeat with another cassette on the other side of the frame.
  • Ensure there are no large gaps where the bees can get between the frame and the cassettes

Waxing SimplKomb Packages:

  • Lightly heat a small block of wax in a pan, scrub the block of wax onto the hexagonal pattern in each of the cups.
  • Completely cover the cup ensuring you get into the corners and the edges.
  • Ensure you have left the hexagonal pattern to allow your bees to build upon - do not fill in the pattern.


    • Review this video for instructions on how to effectively wax your SimplKomb cassettes.
    • We have found using wax native to your bees helps them to start building comb more quickly.
    • If you choose to brush on liquid wax, please ensure it is not molten hot. This could potentially warp the honeycomb pattern or the cup.

      Installing SimplKomb into Supers:

      • Pack your honey super with all 10 frames of SimplKomb - this is our recommended approach for the best results.
      • Bookend the outside frames with 1 or 2 follower boards or wedges as needed - this helps ensure the cassettes are pressed firmly together to manage bee space.
      • Important! Make sure your frames are packed tightly together - this will reduce the amount of burr comb and ensure the cassettes are filled/capped to the appropriate height to snap the lids closed once harvested.


        • Adding a flush thumbtack to the top-center of your frame and bottom two corners can offer additional security - the frames will get heavy as they fill.
        • To check fill progress easily, tilt your super on edge and view cassettes from the bottom.
        • For our supering recommendation, visit our Tips & Tricks article. 

          Harvesting & Preparing for Sale:

          • Check on your supers often as they will faster than normal honey frames.
          • Once the cassettes are full and capped, you can separate your frames using a hive tool and remove them from the hive. Careful! They are heavy!
          • Remove the cassettes from your frame using your hive tool or fingers to pry the top-center tab away from the frame.
          • Unsnap the lids from the back of the cups and fold them around to the front.
          • Snap the packages closed.
          • Use the perforations between each package to gently tear the four, individual packages apart.
          • Slap a label or your branded sticker on and you’re ready for sale! It’s Simpl!


            • Most keepers freeze comb honey for 24-48 hours to kill potential wax moth larvae. SimplKomb cassettes nest neatly when stacked and slide right into your freezer.
            • While frozen, the packages will easily snap apart along the perforations between each tray. You may also cut with scissors, if desired.
            • While frozen, removing any excess burr comb or propolis from the edges of the packages is a breeze.


              Questions, Issues, Just Wanna Chat?

              Please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We are happy to provide tips & tricks to make your comb honey harvest successful.




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